Leslie Nesbitt Beauty Group (LNBG) are industry  leaders as well which have worked with Rolex, Apple, Boots London, Luxury Boutique Hotels, Walmart and many more. Our purpose will take you to a vision of global development that will continue to grow for generations.

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in your overall marketing plan, but it is important because your brand identity is communicated frequently and consistently in multiple ways throughout the life of your product. We consider these key factors when thinking about developing your beauty brand. 


Determining Your Brand’s Purpose is critical to effective brand longevity is the clear definition of the brand’s audience and the objectives that your brand needs to achieve. Ask yourself two key questions to help determine your brands purpose:

What is it that you want your brand to do for your company?

What do you want others to know and say about your products?

Focusing on Your Target Audience

The power of your brand relies on the ability to focus. That is why defining your target market will help to strengthen your brand’s effectiveness.


We at LNBG know that consistency is an extremely important part of developing your brand. By identifying the key components of your business and the focus of your marketing plan, you have the basis for crafting your brand strategy. An effective consistent branding process creates a unique identity that differentiates you from the competition.


This is what helps form a bond or a connection between your products and your customers. A brand should develop this impact and build upon it.

In addition to understanding and defining these components of your business, you need to determine your target audience, identify your competition, decide on a mix of products and services on which to focus and establish a unique selling proposition.

How old are they?

What is their income range?

What are their occupations?

What other product interests do they have?

When creating your brand strategy for a product it is important to perform a careful analysis to spot potential barriers. These barriers also are known as market conditions, and they can keep your product or service from being successful.