LNBG is the only consulting firm that partners with the UNIVERSAL SKIN CARE INSTITUTE leaders in quality testing, sustainability, and claims research. We know that it’s instrumental that consumers understand the benefit of your product and do your products really work. Undergoing clinical trials for your product will set you apart in the saturated beauty market place.  Learn more about what the Universal Skincare Institute offer. http://universalskincareinstitute.com/clinical-trial/


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The Leslie Nesbitt Beauty Group offers turn key solutions that will take your personal care brand from concept to completion by helping you: 

Formulating your product, 

Source your packaging, 

Designing your label

Product placement

Testing and regulatory processes,

Packaging Design 

Brand Concept

FDA registered 

Product Formulation

Logo Design 


Marketing Materials

Animation Videos 

Website Design 

Testimonial Videos 


Social Media Kick start 

Market Financial Analysis 

Projected income analysis 

Market Research 

Multi Level Marketing 

5 Year Roll Out Plan


Leslie Nesbitt Beauty Grouptakes care of every aspect of your brand’s developmental process.


Custom Formulation & Research and Development

LNBG specializes in custom formulation for conventional, natural, certified organic, cosmeceutical and OTC personal care products. Our chemists conduct extensive research to create a formula that is reflective of your vision.

Packaging Sourcing & Custom Printing

With years of industry knowledge, LNBG will source customized packaging that is unique to your brand. Let us handle your printing as well, whether it be applied labels, foiling, hot stamping, or silk screen printing.

Custom Design

Our graphics services offer the creation of a complete label design for each of your products. Our skilled design team will take your concept and direction to fully develop your packaging decor.

Regulatory & Testing

Our regulatory services include product testing, natural and organic certification, FDA registration, and international compliance.



Or marketing and media team will create I catching high quality marketing materiels that matches all that your brand stands for. 


Product Placement

Once you partner with us, we won’t leave you hanging. Our product placement expert will work to get your product placed and on the shelves.

UPC/EAN Codes 

The Universal Product Code (UPC) (redundantly: UPC code) is a barcode symbology that is widely used in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries for tracking trade items in stores. This is important to track your sales around the world as you begin to grow globally. 

Market Research 

Do you know who your competitors are or where you fit in the beauty market place. LNBG have you covered with global data analysis that will keep your brand relevant. 

5 Year Roll Out Plan

One thing we know for sure is that the months and seasons do not change. We will help you to create a 5 year calendar that will reflect when and how you brand will reach your consumers. It’s important to see the future of your business. We will help you to strategize and plan accordingly. 


Market Financial Analysis 

It’s important to know what you’re invested in and if your beauty business ventur is worth giving a shot. As an entrepreneur  we will show you the reality of your business by giving you a snapshot of products just like yours and how  it’s  doing financially.  


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